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Keep Your Skin Fresh and Hydrated While Feeding Your Skin!


Beginning August 25th, Studio 105 will be featuring our skincare line, Grateful Body.  With the purchase of any Grateful Body facial cleanser, receive 25% off a moisturizer of your choosing.


There’s a Grateful Body cleanser for every skin type. Each creamy cleanser gently but effectively removes dirt, oil, pollution and other residues from your skin. Excellent for removing make-up, yet never harsh or drying. Grateful Body cleansers will never strip the skin or disrupt the skin’s natural protective barrier. All cleansers are made from whole-food grade ingredients – always free from detergents, fragrances, soap, alcohol, foaming agents and sulfates. Choose from Hydrating, Extra-Gentle, Enzyme or Deep Cleanse. (Retail Value $30)


Each Grateful Body moisturizer includes an abundant variety of nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant whole foods – fresh fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, seaweeds and exceptional botanical oils. This authentic and biologically-appropriate hydrating nourishment keeps your skin strong, healthy, protected and beautiful. Choose from Moisturizer for Dry, Normal or Oily Skin and Extra-Gentle Moisturizer. (Retail Value $40)


25% Off Grateful Body Moisturizer with the purchase of a Grateful Body Cleanser

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