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We hear you. We understand that partnership is more than great products. So let’s start a new conversation – a conversation about you – with the ultimate goal of creating true partnership. After all, that’s the essence of the new Goldwell brand – a brand in transformation, guided by our global team of passionate stylists. Now more than ever, everything we do will be dedicated to you and your success. www.goldwell.us

For more than 30 years, large corporations have monopolized the professional hair care industry, sacrificing product integrity for mass marketing, branding, distribution and diversion into major retailers. Today, one hair care company is going back to the industry’s roots – to a time when protecting your hair and stylist’s work came first.

For the past 17 years Soma has combined its grassroots philosophies with modern innovations to develop and deliver a full range of Organic hair cleansing, conditioning, styling and finishing products of superior quality. At Soma Hair Technology, we understand the complexities of hair and offer our clients honest to goodness haircare products!

VERB comes from a place of natural beauty, easy living and no nonesense. Verb is a salon raised haircare products formulated with only good stuff at a price for everyone. Every product in VERB’S offering is priced at $14!


A significant personal experience set the path for founder and principle formulator Shannon Schroter during his college years when two of his sisters died from cancer in their 20’s. This initiated a strong desire to try and understand the essentials of healing. Thus began years of intense study of the Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Tibetan and western herbal medicine systems, which included the great good fortune of studying with extraordinary teachers and masters, all guiding the way towards a more comprehensive understanding of true holistic principles.

Au Naturale Cosmetics


au Naturale is both a brand and a cause. While Au Naturale’s primary mission is to bring you high quality, pure cosmetics that do not compromise your health, they put just as much energy into being sure that every action they take is as ethical and beneficial to you and the environment as their products are.

All au Naturale products are gluten-free, paraben free, vegan, cruelty free, ethical, non-toxic, and non-nano.


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